Bradley Partner Anne Yuengert Quoted in SHRM’s Workplace Compliance Newsletter on Reducing Interns’ Vulnerability to Harassment

SHRM Workplace Compliance Newsletter

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Anne Yuengert was quoted in the Society for Human Resource Management’s Workplace Compliance Newsletter on preventing harassment of summer interns. Managerial training is essential – as interns can be especially vulnerable to harassment since they are often at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy – but intern training is needed too.

Let them know that respect in the workplace is important to the company, Yuengert said. "As one of my clients put it, 'We believe we have a good culture that respects everyone—if you are experiencing a different culture, let us know.' "

The complete article, “Reduce Summer Interns’ Vulnerability to Harassment,” appeared in the Workplace Compliance Newsletter on April 26, 2018.