Bradley Partner David Hymer Quoted in BBJ on Employment and Labor Law Issues

Birmingham Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney David Hymer was quoted in the Birmingham Business Journal on legal concerns surrounding labor and employment, including key areas that businesses need to be watching to avoid potential pitfalls or litigation.

“In response to a lighter regulatory touch from the Federal Government, states and municipalities have been enacting employment laws at a rapid pace. For example, this year California joined Massachusetts, Oregon, Delaware, and a number of cities in enacting laws that prohibit employers from asking applicants about compensation history. The new law is one of many that become effective in California this year, and California already had thirty state and local employment laws go into effect in 2017, some of which include private causes of action.

Employers with a multi-state footprint, particularly those with operations in California, will need to expand compliance operations to guard against regulatory enforcement actions and private litigation.”

The complete article, “Birmingham’s Legal Hotspots: Employment and labor law includes wide range of issues,” appeared in the BBJ on May 2, 2018. (login required)