Bradley Partners Ian Faria and Jon Paul Hoelscher Quoted in Law360 on Avoiding Product Defects in Rebuilding


Media Mention

Bradley attorneys Ian Faria and Jon Paul Hoelscher were quoted in Law360 on tips to minimize risks for property owners affected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria as they rebuild. Property owners will want to avoid situations such as the tainted Chinese drywall fiasco that followed Hurricanes Rita and Katrina and sparked prolonged multidistrict litigation.

Because property owners — whether commercial or residential — are unlikely to know how to spot potentially iffy building supplies, it’s paramount that they vet who they hire to do the work, Hoelscher explained.

“People who are reputable are not going to take shortcuts,” Hoelscher said.

Since bad supplies can cause headaches for contractors, they usually have quality controls in place to catch potential problems, said Faria.

“If they perceive any type of issue, they try to address it right then and there,” Faria said.

The complete article, “4 Tips For Avoiding Product Defects In Post-Storm Rebuilding,” appeared in Law360 on May 21, 2018.