Bruce Ely Quoted in Bloomberg on What High Court Ruling on Online Sales Tax Collection Means


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Bruce Ely was quoted in Bloomberg on the Supreme Court’s ruling that states can require online tax collection, which should be a boost for brick-and-mortar retailers.

The decision may create more legal questions, since states may begin passing their own statutes with the goal of raising revenue from online retailers, according to Ely. Some may even try to collect levies from previous years, he said. Although that could get tied up in the courts.

Bills trying to address this matter have languished in Congress for years. The main issue is that elected officials didn’t want to be seen as administering a new tax on consumers or businesses. But now, they can act in the interest of bringing clarity to the marketplace, Ely said.

“Here’s a perfect time for Congress to save the business community from the big, bad taxing authorities,” Ely said. “They can look like the good guy, rather than the bad guy, which has a certain political appeal to it.”

The complete article, “What the High Court Online Sales Tax Ruling Means for Retailers,” appeared in Bloomberg on June 21, 2018.