Bradley Attorney Niya McCray Quoted in on Developing Biometric Privacy Legislation

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Niya McCray was quoted in the on the collection and management of biometric data, and the uncertain future of litigation relating to biometrics.

“The concept of biometrics is like clay; even at this moment, it is being shaped and molded in ways that we may not comprehend for years to come,” McCray writes. “It would be remiss to discount the staying power, the convenience, and the absolute value that biometric technology now has in our everyday lives.”

Ultimately, McCray anticipates more legislation and lawsuits. Understanding and respecting the technology, she says, is the only way for the various stakeholders to eventually bring the necessary predictability and certainty to its legal standing.

The complete article, “Article calls on states to improve understanding to develop biometric privacy legislation,” appeared in the on May 23, 2018.