Bradley Partner Erin Illman Quoted in Electrical Contractor Magazine on Cyberthreats to U.S. Electrical Grid

Electrical Contractor Magazine

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Erin Illman was quoted in Electrical Contractor Magazine on a report from the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Bureau of Investigation that revealed Russian government hackers have attacked and gained access to U.S. government infrastructure, including the electrical grid, for at least the last two years. For electrical contractors, cyberthreats demand a heightened awareness. ECs should know the risks better than their customers who will interface with electrical grids and face potential damage should an all-out attack occur.

“As with most cyberthreats, there are key preparations that anyone can take to help prevent these attacks and/or mitigate the fallout from such an attack,” said Illman. “Preventing an attack will require not only improving the security of the power grid but understanding the vulnerabilities both from a human and technical perspective. For example, attackers can use social engineering techniques to gain information about systems, networks and controls relating to power generation, transmission or distribution.”

The complete article, “Guarding the Grid: The Risk of a Cyberattack on Electrical Grids,” appeared in the June 2018 issue of Electrical Contractor Magazine.