Bradley Partner Jason Mehta Quoted in Bloomberg on Patient Assistance Program Fraud


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Jason Mehta was quoted in Bloomberg on the Department of Justice’s increased scrutiny of payments from pharma companies made to charities that help the poor afford medication. Some recent settlements involving tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars indicate the DOJ is looking closely at companies that may be misusing charities.

Pharmaceutical companies need to make sure they take appropriate steps to ensure there is separation between their commercial decisions and the charity donations they make, and that charitable donations to help people afford prescription drugs are made without attached strings and are truly charitable.

“The big hallmarks of suspicious activities have been when there's close coordination between drug manufacturers and patient assistance programs they're donating to,” Mehta said. “If you're going to give, you should give and expect nothing in return.”

The complete article, “Charity for Gain: DOJ Eyes Patient Assistance Program Fraud,” appeared in Bloomberg on July 31, 2018. (login required)