Bradley Partner David Lucas Quoted in Legaltech News on EU Influence on U.S. Tech and Privacy Laws

Legaltech News

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Bradley attorney David Lucas was quoted in Legaltech News on how the European Union is influencing U.S. tech companies and privacy laws. Lucas believes the adoption of the GDPR—which applies to all worldwide companies with EU customers—and the recent antitrust fine against Google signal that the EU is pushing back on U.S. influence in the global economy.

“In talking to colleagues in the U.K. and Germany, I think there has been a frustration for a long time with the U.S. overextending our own laws to others to comply with. So, for example, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, all European companies with U.S. offices have had to comply with that.”

“Trade tensions have even further increased that level of tension” between the EU and the U.S. and made the EU more willingly to assert itself in the global economy, he added. “It’s kind of like the gloves are off.”

The complete article, “Just How Much Will the EU Impact US Tech, Privacy,” appeared in Legaltech News on July 26, 2018.