Bradley Partner Brad Robertson Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Proposed Medical Coding Changes

Bloomberg Law

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Bradley attorney Brad Robertson was quoted in Bloomberg Law on proposed medical changes for office visits and outpatient services that could mean doctors face fewer false claims lawsuits related to Medicare coding errors.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services proposed combining four evaluation and management (E/M) code levels to reduce the administrative burden for doctors and improve payment accuracy. E/M codes are used to determine how much a doctor should bill Medicare for certain services ranging from simple blood pressure checks to more complicated medical exams that could last longer than 40 minutes.

Robertson, who defends providers in false claims actions, said the CMS is making a move toward “more practical real-world documentation” that will allow a doctor to better describe what is happening with a patient and the manner in which it is being treated.”

The complete article, “Payment Code Change May Hinder Medicare Whistleblowers,” appeared in Bloomberg Law on August 20, 2018.