Bradley Partner Erin Illman Quoted in TechTarget on the Push for Federal Privacy Regulations

Tech Target

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Bradley attorney Erin Illman was quoted in TechTarget on recent interest in federal data privacy rights. Shortly after GDPR -- the European law that unified data privacy protection and specified consumer rights to their personal data -- went into effect last spring, California passed the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) of 2018. The new state law gives users the right to request details about individual data collected by the companies they do business with and to delete personal data without penalty to service. Experts expect other states to begin following in California's footsteps by amending or creating state privacy laws.

The CCPA has certainly set the bar for other like-minded states, explained Illman. "You're going to see the states that have taken a forward stance in privacy start to really look at California and say, 'Maybe we need to amend our laws that are already on the books, but maybe we also need to put forward a similar law or something that even goes farther than California,'" Illman said.

The complete article, “Federal privacy regulations usher in the age of tech lawmakers,” appeared in TechTarget on September 13, 2018.