Bradley Partners Buddy Cox and Mike Brown Featured in BBJ's Environmental Table of Experts

Birmingham Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorneys Buddy Cox and Mike Brown were featured in the Birmingham Business Journal’s Table of Experts on environmental issues, including sustainability, environmental stewardship and resources for energy efficiency.

Cox: Organizations that emphasize sustainability and environmental stewardship often share several characteristics. One of the most important characteristics is a firm-wide commitment. Without a commitment at all levels of an organization, efforts at encouraging sustainable practices and environmental stewardship usually fail. Leaders of an organization set the tone for such practices. However, without the buy-in of employees at every level, great programs described on paper in annual reports or glossy brochures are simply not reflected in the day-to-day operations of facilities.

Brown: Numerous resources are available to advise companies regarding energy efficiency. Most trade associations have one or more task forces or committees that provide their members a variety of tools to curtail their energy consumption. Tools range from written programs or guidelines to hands-on energy audits by other member companies. In addition, most power providers will assist their customers address energy consumption, and are a good resource of materials regarding energy efficiency.

The complete article, “Insights into Environmental Issues,” appeared in the BBJ on September 27, 2018. (login required)