Bradley Partner Angela Holt Quoted in Bloomberg on Invention Marketing Scams


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Angela Holt was quoted in Bloomberg on invention promotion companies, which typically promise help to inventors hoping to secure patent or licensing deals for their inventions. Despite laws like the 1999 American Inventors Protection Act, which requires these companies to disclose success rates to clients, many companies exaggerate success stories in interactions with inventors and use other veils of legitimacy, including associating with credible public figures.

Clients often pay for a professional looking but templated report that paints a positive picture of the invention’s prospects, explained Holt. Those reports rarely include thorough searches of similar products, which are skipped on purpose to keep the client excited and limit liability for failure.

The complete article, “Whitaker Link Reflects Many Lives of Invention Marketing Scams,” appeared in Bloomberg on December 5, 2018.