Bradley Partner Jason Mehta Quoted in Tampa Bay Times on Shutdown of the Dark Website xDedic

Tampa Bay Times

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Bradley attorney Jason Mehta was quoted in the Tampa Bay Times on the government’s shutdown of xDedic, a fraudulent website once referred to as a “hacker’s dream.” The site sold access to hacked servers all over the world, and facilitated $68 million in fraud. Earlier this month, U.S. authorities, working with counterparts in Europe, seized the site’s domain.

While the internet is awash with bad actors willing to sell hacked information, xDedic was far more sophisticated than the typical bad actor who sells hacked information online, said Mehta.

“This is not a run of the mill dark web take down,” he explained. “I think this is potentially a very significant development. 

Sites like xDedic are often run by professional hackers who make it difficult for authorities to track and even harder to arrest.

“This game of cat and mouse in cyber related crimes is very sophisticated,” Mehta explained. “It is not uncommon for law enforcement to be stymied when it comes to who to arrest.”

Mehta said he wouldn’t be surprised to hear about more high-profile take downs of similar websites.

The complete article, “Tampa Authorities Shut Down xDedic, a Dark Website Known as a ‘Hacker’s Dream’,” first appeared in the Tampa Bay Times on January 30, 2019.