Bradley Attorney Steve Snyder Quoted in The Information on U.S. Concerns about Operating in China

The Information

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Bradley attorney Steve Snyder was quoted in The Information on why U.S. companies continue to operate in China despite concerns about efforts by Chinese firms to obtain their intellectual property. Huawei Technologies in China has been accused of stealing trade secrets from various U.S. companies, causing corporations such as Apple to enforce strict security procedures in its Chinese factories.

Often, foreign companies have little choice but to operate in China because of the size of its labor market and elaborate manufacturing and logistics networks. Foreign companies’ options in China are limited when it comes to confronting the theft of intellectual property, explained Snyder.

“Companies have to consider what recourse they have, and with China there’s basically none,” Snyder said. “While you can take steps to source from other places, if you can get it cheaper and get your product made in China, you sort of have to accept it.”

The complete article, “How Huawei Targets Apple Trade Secrets” first appeared in The Information on February 18, 2019.