Bradley Partners Dick Sayles and Wendi Rogaliner Featured in Dallas Business Journal on Outcome of Healthcare Fraud Trial

Dallas Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorneys Dick Sayles and Wendi Rogaliner were featured in the Dallas Business Journal on a recent verdict in a Forest Park Medical Center bribery and kickbacks trial. According to a 2016 federal indictment, the bribes and kickbacks totaled $40 million, and much of that money was disguised as monthly consultant fees or “marketing money.” A jury convicted seven of nine defendants on charges ranging from conspiracy to money laundering.

Writing for The Texas Lawbook, Sayles and Rogaliner called the case “one of the highest profile health care fraud trials in a generation. … [T]he import is clear: the government means business when it comes to health care fraud and is focused on suspect arrangements in the health care space.”

The complete article, “Texas Lawbook: Jury delivers verdict in Forest Park bribery and kickbacks trial,” first appeared in the Dallas Business Journal on April 9, 2019. (login required)