Bradley Partner Travis Lloyd Quoted in Modern Healthcare on COVID-19's Impact on Healthcare Law

Modern Healthcare

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Bradley attorney Travis Lloyd was quoted in Modern Healthcare on the unavoidable impact of COVID-19 on healthcare law and the rising demand for mergers and acquisition services. 

Last year was “extremely fluid” for healthcare lawyers, according to Lloyd. Like the majority of firms responding to Modern Healthcare’s survey, Bradley saw a rising demand for mergers and acquisitions services throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though various federal stimulus efforts helped some organizations stay afloat, an unequal playing field still plagues the industry. Some organizations have seized on growth opportunities in response to the changing financial tides, Lloyd explained.

As financial strain continues, he predicted increased M&A will be “almost unavoidable” throughout 2021, calling it a “natural consequence” of the pandemic. But that’s not just due to lost revenue. 

“We’re seeing a lot of activity as people try to grab at innovation in one way or another,” Lloyd said. “It’s still the case that there are a lot of challenges in the healthcare economy, but there are also new opportunities to reorient service offerings and seize on telehealth platforms.”

Telehealth, artificial intelligence and other adjacent technologies are areas Lloyd mentioned as experiencing heavy M&A activity. Another growing space, he suggested, is behavioral health.

The original article, "Consolidation is a 'Natural Consequence' of the Pandemic," appeared in Modern Healthcare on April 19, 2021. (Login required.)