Several Alabama Business and Professional Associations Announce Their 2012 Tax Legislative Agendas

State and Local Tax Alert - Alabama Edition


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In preparation for the 2012 regular session of the Alabama Legislature, which begins on Tuesday, February 7, several of Alabama’s most prominent business and trade organizations have finalized their 2012 legislative agendas. These agendas feature both new and renewed tax initiatives. Most notably, the 5,000-member Business Council of Alabama (“BCA”) and the 4,000-member Alabama Retail Association (“ARA”) have adopted aggressive tax legislative agendas that are to be commended.

Two leading professional organizations have also weighed in. The Alabama Society of CPAs (“ASCPA”) has a narrowly-focused tax agenda this year but, like the BCA and ARA, it endorses the passage of the Alabama Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights II (“TBOR II”) legislation which is outlined below. That bill was pre-filed today and assigned House Bill No. 105. ASCPA President Jeannine Birmingham said, “Successful passage of this legislation would be a major step in addressing the concerns of tax practitioners to have an impartial and independent tax appeals process.” The Alabama State Bar also recently endorsed this legislation, as has the 30-member Business Associations’ Tax Coalition (“BATC”), the American Bar Association, and the Council On State Taxation (“COST”). The bill is sponsored by Representative Paul DeMarco (R-Homewood) and Senator Ben Brooks III (R-Mobile).

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