Insights into Mergers & Acquisitions

Birmingham Business Journal

Authored Article

Andy Robison, Chair of the Corporate and Securities Practice Group and Co-Chair of the Family-Owned Business Team, was one of the panelists in the Birmingham Business Journal’s Table of Experts series. The panel of industry leaders discussed critical issues related to mergers and acquisitions—including current trends in the M&A environment, issues to consider during a merger or acquisition, the tax-related ramifications of an acquisition, and challenges that commonly arise during the M&A process.

“What we’re seeing is our clients and companies in town are executing on their strategic plans,” said Robison, when asked to describe the current M&A industry climate and trends. “ServisFirst, for example, that’s the way they’re going to grow. So you have some companies that are just conducting business the way they planned to conduct business. But there are also a lot of acquirers with cash. If it’s a fund, they may have time limits of when they need to spend that cash, and if they don’t spend it they have to give it back to their investors. So you have that combination along with the demographic factor that will result in increased transactions.”

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