Alabama Tax Legislative Summary: 2017 Regular Session, and Some Unofficial Predictions for Upcoming Session(s)

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The Alabama Legislature adjourned late Friday, May 19, with several tax bills crossing the finish line during the final week (and many on the last day). Both the Education Trust Fund and General Fund budgets were passed by the Legislature during the regular session and signed by Gov. Ivey (unlike last year). However, there is an outside possibility that a special session could be called to reconsider either the gas tax proposals to fund infrastructure improvements or prison construction. Looking further ahead to the 2018 Regular Session, the budgets (especially the General Fund) may present more fiscal challenges that require either a reduction in spending, reallocation of revenues, or tax increases to address the revenue shortfall.

Please see the "Additional Materials" section of this page to view the Alabama Tax Legislative Summary, which generally focuses on bills of statewide importance that passed and were signed into law by Gov. Ivey, or that we expect to see again soon.