CFPB Suggests That Servicers Do Have to Monitor Whether a Successor in Interest is in Bankruptcy

Mortgage Compliance Magazine

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As the effective date for the CFPB's successor in interest and bankruptcy billing statement requirements quickly approaches, one question we've heard multiple times is whether a mortgage servicer is required to know when a confirmed successor in interest is in bankruptcy. The question stems from upcoming provisions in Regulations X and Z that will collectively say, in essence, that a confirmed successor in interest must be treated as if he or she is a borrower for the purposes of the mortgage servicing rules. Combine that mandate with specific requirements in the periodic billing statement and early intervention contexts that apply when "any consumer [or borrower] on a mortgage loan is a debtor in bankruptcy" and it becomes clear why many servicers have wondered whether a confirmed successor in interest's bankruptcy might trigger the various bankruptcy-specific requirements in the mortgage servicing rules.

The full article originally published in the June 2018 issue of Mortgage Compliance Magazine.