Security: A Shared Responsibility between Marketing, IT and Attorneys

ILTA Marketing Technology White Paper And Survey

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Deb Dobson of Fisher Phillips LLP, Jeff Hirner of One North

As Marketing teams’ investment in technology and use of data-driven strategies continues to rise, so should their concern over keeping that information secure. These days, the responsibility to do so no longer lies solely with the firm’s IT department. Every department, and really every employee, should work together to ensure that a culture of security permeates the firm. The marketing technologist has an additional responsibility – to protect the law firm’s brand.

What’s the best way to do that? The truth is, there are many moving parts and, when done right, it’s an ongoing effort. However, if you keep the following six things in mind, you’ll establish the right guidelines to ensure your people, processes, and technologies remain secure.

The complete article, "Security: A Shared Responsibility between Marketing, IT and Attorneys," first appeared in the September 2018 issue of ILTA Marketing Technology White Paper And Survey. Erin Illman is a co-author of this article.