The Annotated Franchise Agreement: Chapter 5

Forum on Franchising, ABA Book Publishing

Authored Article

Author(s) , Rebekah Prince, Partner, Barnes & Thornburg

A resource guide for drafting franchise agreements, including the legal authorities and reasoning behind typical provisions and structures of the agreements. Topics include:

  • Introductory terms, grant, territory, and reservation of rights
  • Fees, initial terms, and renewal
  • Training, site selection, construction, and opening
  • Operation of the franchised business
  • Operating manual, advertising, trademarks, and other intellectual property
  • Accounting, records, reports, audits, and inspections; insurance; and restrictive covenants
  • Transfer, assignment, or incapacity of the franchisee
  • Termination and default
  • Dispute resolution

Corby Anderson co-authored a chapter regarding operating manual, advertising, trademarks, and other intellectual property. The book can be found for purchase on the ABA website.