Business Drafting Basics Every Lawyer Should Know

The Mississippi Lawyer

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Regardless of where you practice law or the area of law that you practice, writing will be vital to your success. At its very core, the practice of law involves your ability to communicate your client’s position to others.

Whether you are hired to communicate why your client is not responsible for an act or inaction, whether you are hired to convince others that your client was the victim of or in some way damaged by the act or inaction of others, or whether you are hired to ensure that the details of a transaction between your client and someone else is clear and uncomplicated so that anyone reading it can understand – you simply must be able to communicate, and even for litigators, that is done through your ability to write.

The original article, "Business Drafting Basics Every Lawyer Should Know," first appeared in the summer 2019 issue of The Mississippi Lawyer.