Leadership Notes: From the Editor

The Business Suit, DRI Commercial Litigation Committee Newsletter

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It seems as though another year has flown by. As you prepare for the holiday season with your family, push to collect your outstanding receivables before year end, and begin making plans for your practice next year, I hope you can find time to sit by the fire to read this latest issue of the Business Suit and catch up with your friends in the Commercial Litigation Committee.

In it, you will find a farewell from our outgoing chair, Michelle Thurber Czapski, who has put so much effort into this committee in order to make membership rewarding for all of us. We certainly appreciate her leadership and, along with her, look forward to Tracey Turnbull taking the reins next year. We also have a Membership Minute from Matthew Murphy encouraging us to give the “gift” of DRI membership to our colleagues this holiday season. Then, Paul Tschetter gives us a quick update on recent decisions from the Eight Circuit. And finally, we have three stellar articles from our members that highlight the depth and breadth of our committee’s expertise: Jeff Sheehan’s examination of where the Supreme Court may go in the antitrust field, Stacy Moon’s practical guidance on how to help our clients for managing software licenses, and Eric Hurwitz’s analysis of automatic telephone dialing systems under the TCPA.

What I think each of these submissions shows is how talented, fun, and interesting all of our committee members. As we approach Thanksgiving, I am reminded how grateful I am for those of you I know, and how hopeful I am that I get a chance to meet the rest of you at an upcoming meeting.

The original article, "Leadership Notes: From the Editor," was published in The Business Suit, the newsletter of the DRI Commercial Litigation Committee, on December 5, 2019.