Attorney Spotlight: Get to Know Jason Palmer



Jason C. PalmerWhen did you join the firm?


In which office are you located?


Tell us a little about your practice.

My practice features a diverse selection of general litigation matters, including intellectual property, real property, business litigation, personal injury, and healthcare litigation matters, to name a few. I have even handled orders of protection arising from domestic disputes. My expertise lies with intellectual property, though, so I also handle some trademark prosecution work.

Why did you want to become an attorney?

I have wanted to be an attorney since a very young age. Early on, I was copying my dad: Since he was an attorney, I needed to be one. As I grew older, I became fascinated with how the law operated, and I grew an independent interest in learning more about it. Service to my community and others has also been a large part of my background, and I saw the law as an opportunity to help in a professional capacity.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

To many, I believe Black History Month is a time of reflection on the hist ory of the black community, since it is not commonly explored in-depth. I see this as valuable, especially considering we “stand on the shoulders of giants.” But, I tend to view Black History Month as an opportunity for assessment. While I appreciate how far society has come, I anticipate how far it can go.

When looking at diversity in the legal industry, where do you see the biggest obstacles? Where do you see room for more growth?

One obstacle I see is making success tangible. I try to mentor diverse youth to show them their capabilities. Without this, I have found that these youth miss the opportunity to consider a full selection of career paths, all because they overlook what they never imagined. The more diverse youth who believe that they actually can become attorneys, the more they will pursue that dream. This will make the opportunity to increase diversity in the industry more available.

What is one of your favorite diverse- or minority-owned businesses in your local community?

Prince’s Hot Chicken is probably my favorite, although I would be remiss not to mention Cupcake Collection on my wife’s behalf.