Insurance Coverage for COVID-19: Steps for Risk Managers Webinar Recording

Webinar for Risk and Insurance Management Society

OnDemand Recording, Multimedia

Join your RIMS chapter for an overview of insurance coverage issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Katherine Henry, Chair of Bradley’s Policyholder Insurance Coverage Team, will discuss potentially responsive insurance policies, including event cancellation, property, and commercial general liability policies that could respond to first-party losses and third-party claims. She will share her experiences with insurers’ responses to the pandemic thus far and review best practices for notice and proof of loss. Join the webinar on Wednesday at 1 p.m. for this fast-paced overview of insurance issues arising from the pandemic.

Webinar Recording


Key Takeaways

If your organization is sustaining losses due to COVID-19, then DO:

  • Review your entire insurance portfolio for potential coverage.
  • Give notice under all potentially responsive policies.
  • Track your losses and expenses.
  • Cooperate with your insurers.
  • Be prepared for denials.

But DON’T:

  • Accept a denial without professional advice.


  • Many of these coverage issues will be litigated for years to come. Preserve your potential recovery by taking these steps now.