Daily Matters: Episode #53 with Tiffany Graves

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As Pro Bono Counsel at a large southern law firm and the former Executive Director of the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, Tiffany Graves sees how systemic inequities affect minority groups on a daily basis. “Firms have to do more,” she says, to counteract institutional racism and bring much-needed reforms to America’s legal and justice systems.

In this episode, Tiffany and Clio CEO Jack Newton examine:

  • How the protests following George Floyd’s death have affected the American South
  • Whether or not we’ve reached a turning point in the fight to end systemic racism
  • How pro bono services and access to justice efforts can make a difference
  • How law firms and the legal industry must change in order to fix longstanding issues
  • How white Americans can become better allies and advocates for progress

Tiffany M. Graves serves as Pro Bono Counsel at Bradley, a 500-attorney law firm with offices across the southern United States. In her role, Tiffany oversees the development and administration of the firm’s pro bono programs.

Prior to joining Bradley, Tiffany was the executive director of the Mississippi Access to Justice Commission, where she led a 21-member commission created by the Mississippi Supreme Court and promoted its initiatives to improve and expand access to civil justice to the nearly 700,000 Mississippians living in poverty. In addition, Tiffany previously served as interim director and adjunct professor for the Pro Bono Initiative at the University of Mississippi School of Law, and as executive director and general counsel for the Mississippi Volunteer Lawyers Project.

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