COVID-19 Webinar Series: COVID-19's Impact on Commercial Real Estate Webinar Recording

COVID-19 Webinar Series

OnDemand Recording, Multimedia

Please join Bradley partners Ann Cargile and David Pratt for a live webinar addressing key questions our clients are asking about navigating the impact of COVID-19 on the Commercial Real Estate and Leasing market in 2020 and beyond.  This presentation will benefit owners, brokers and property managers in navigating the implications of a pandemic in future commercial leasing and commercial lending transactions. In this 45-minute presentation, topics to be covered include:

  • COVID’S overall legal impact to landlords
  • How we protect landlords from COVID-19 and future pandemics
  • What actions or accommodations from lenders help landlords
  • What considerations are needed for commercial loans

Webinar Recording

Key Takeaways

  1. Read your leases to see what your rights are.
  2. Leases are going to be negotiated differently in the future.
  3. Rent workouts have three parties, not two – the Landlord, the Tenant and the Lender