The First 24 Hours: A Step-by-Step Discussion on How to Avoid Pitfalls in the Early Stages of a Ransomware Attack Webinar Recording

Cybersecurity and Privacy Webinar

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Your company falls victim to a ransomware attack – what’s next? Fast response to ransomware attacks are essential to protecting systems and preventing rapid spread. Ransomware is a significant security threat to any organization, and attacks have increased dramatically in the past few years. Bradley privacy and data security specialists Erin Illman and Steve Snyder discuss elements of ransomware attacks such as: 

  • Ransomware is a growing problem, with an estimated $100 billion annual cost to companies.
  • A robust incident response plan and having external counsel lined up in advance in more critical than ever.
  • As soon as an attack is discovered, companies should alert IT, disconnect from wireless immediately, assess the infection, prepare for “snatch attack,” deploy a formal incident response, and engage outside help.
  • Evolving considerations include possibility of active negotiation, dealing with public relations involving threat of data leak.
  • Going forward, businesses need to stay agile and continue to re-assess risks as attacks become more sophisticated and perpetrators change strategies.

Webinar Recording