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The CFPB finalized its long-awaited debt collection rule. Join us this Thursday to learn about what is in the final rule, how the final rule is different from what the CFPB proposed in May 2019, and how the final rule might impact your business.

The rule will become effective one year after it is published in the Federal Register. Although the CFPB has afforded the industry a year to implement the new rule, now is the time to at least start assessing how the rule might affect your company and determine what steps might be needed to ensure you are ready to comply. Whether you are a third-party debt collector whose entire business will be subject to the rule, a mortgage servicer who is only considered a debt collector for certain loans, or a first-party creditor interested in establishing best practices based off of the CFPB’s guidance, join us to learn more about the new final rule.

Webinar Recording

Key Takeaways

  1. The CFPB did not alter the definition of debt collector or utilize its UDAAP authority, but refused to say  
  2. The CFPB clarified that the consumer has the ability to dictate when, where, and how a debt collector may contact a consumer. 
  3. The CFPB created a rebuttable presumption that a debt collector complies with the FDCPA if it makes seven or lesscalls during a seven consecutive day period and stops calls for  seven consecutive day period following a communication with the consumer. 
  4. The CFPB provided additional clarity regarding the FDCPA’s application to modern communication methods (e.g. e-mails, text messages, chats, social media).  
  5. The Debt Collection Rule could require companies to implement time-consuming technology and procedural changes, so companies should initiate implementation efforts now.