Celebrating Data Privacy Day – 2021 Privacy Prediction Webinar Recording

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In celebration of Data Privacy Day, please join Erin Illman and Steve Snyder for a virtual discussion on emerging developments in privacy law. 2021 will be a year of change in many areas. Join us as we look into our crystal ball and answer the most pressing privacy questions for 2021. Will California’s momentum with CCPA and CPRA lead more states to pass new privacy laws this year? Will we finally see federal privacy legislation under a Biden administration? Will there be a new or different focus on cybersecurity at the state or federal level? Will Big Tech’s policies and recent actions culminate in self-regulation of privacy in the online space? 

Webinar Recording

Key Takeaways

  • We predict a global shift to privacy with regard to industry changes, regulatory changes, and consumer expectations.
  • Privacy legislation will likely be more narrowly focused in the short term, but has the potential for broad privacy changes in the longer term.
  • 2021 will be an important year for privacy litigation as courts will make important legal decisions around CCPA. We also expect to see more litigation as data breaches increase.
  • We anticipate greater scrutiny from consumers and regulators in an evolving privacy climate.