Genetic Testing Fraud: The Government's Continued Interest

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Cancer genetic (CGx) and pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing are part of a new wave of preventive medicine. These tests assess an individual's DNA sequencing to determine the individual's (1) predisposition for certain types of cancers and response to certain cancer treatments (CGx testing); and (2) ability to metabolize certain medications and, thus, how effective a medication will be for that individual (PGx testing). In recent years, these tests have become increasingly more accessible for consumers, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by the government.

In fact, in September 2019, the genetic testing industry was at the center of one of the largest healthcare fraud schemes ever charged. The investigation, known as "Operation Double Helix," resulted in the indictment of 35 defendants who were associated with telemedicine companies and laboratories for fraudulently billing Medicare for over $2.1 billion for genetic testing.

The full article, "Genetic Testing Fraud: The Government's Continued Interest" was published by the ABA eSource on June 16.