Aaron Chaloner

Senior Attorney
Legal Assistant
Terry S. Jaramillo
P: 615.252.3520 tjaramillo@bradley.com

Aaron Chaloner concentrates his practice in intellectual property law, including all stages of intellectual property prosecution, as well as counseling clients on copyright, trademark, patent and trade secret concerns. His specific focus includes patent prosecution for life science and biotechnology.

Aaron completed a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. His technical skills include physiology, neuroscience, epigenetics, neuroendocrine signaling, behavioral sciences, whole animal studies and surgical procedures, and biochemistry. Aaron is the author of multiple publications and has presented his research at national and international scientific meetings.

Aaron’s representative patent prosecution and analysis experience includes: 

Life Sciences and Biomedical Devices and Technology

  • Cancer prognostics, diagnostics, and treatment
  • Vaccine compositions
  • Surgical devices and methods of use
  • Neural micro-physiological systems and methods
  • 3D microelectrode array for optical and electrical probing of electrogenic cells
  • Method of high-throughput screening of therapeutics
  • Diagnostic panel for gynecological infections and associated methodology
  • Device for lingual-guided manipulation of external objects and displays
  • Wound healing device
  • Orthotic sensing device and associated system for tracking health data
  • Assay and methodology for detecting viral load in plasma samples
  • Pyruvate kinase-mediated system to promote cellular regeneration
  • Electrochemical sensors to detect the bioavailable drug concentrations

Electrical and Mechanical

  • Helical hydrokinetic turbine
  • Bioluminescence polymer film for thermometry
  • Self-cleaning litter box
  • Automatic pet door
  • Pet spray training system
  • Pet flow-controlled water fountain
  • Pet wheel chair
  • Compact folding stroller
  • Table-top game apparatus
  • Wearable digital device holder
  • Electronic wire-stripping device
  • Multi-camera 3-D measuring system
  • Refined glass and metal waste recovery
  • Microscopy illumination system

Computer-Implemented Business Methods                                 

  • Legal project management system
  • Rental car fleet sharing method

Design Patents

  • Receiver for a pet collar
  • Baseball glove case
  • Travel soap case