Christopher L. Hawkins

Legal Assistant
Kelly Barnes
P: 205.521.8378

Chris Hawkins serves financial services clients in bankruptcy compliance, regulatory and enforcement matters based on his unique perspective gained from years of representing servicers in national consumer bankruptcy litigation, as well as his time serving as interim in-house bankruptcy counsel for one of the largest financial institutions in the Fortune 100.

For the past decade, Chris has devoted the majority of his practice to representing large financial institutions in consumer bankruptcy litigation and advising them with respect to consumer bankruptcy compliance and regulatory matters. His litigation experience on behalf of financial services clients includes preferences, fraudulent transfers, nondischargeability, and lien avoidance issues, as well as adversary proceedings and motions for sanctions involving alleged violations of the United States Bankruptcy Code, federal consumer protection statutes and related regulations. Chris also has assisted in-house counsel in their management of litigation files, using his experience to provide guidance and recommendations with respect to settlement ranges and litigation strategy.

With the knowledge and experience gained through years of representing clients in consumer bankruptcy litigation, Chris has shifted his primary focus to advising financial institutions on bankruptcy compliance and regulatory matters. Having served as interim in-house bankruptcy counsel for a Fortune 100 financial institution and having spent significant time managing projects on-site with the bankruptcy departments of other major lenders and servicers, he understands the balance that in-house counsel must reach between managing risk and prioritizing financial, IT and time resources.

Over the years, Chris has counseled clients on a wide range of engagements. Without limitation, he has designed and performed regulatory risk assessments related to key consumer bankruptcy milestones; drafted policies, procedures, jurisdiction-specific guidelines, process flows, job aids and user manuals related to various consumer bankruptcy processes; identified the need for and assisted in the implementation of bankruptcy remediation projects; prepared formal comments on behalf of clients and industry groups with respect to proposed financial regulations impacting consumer bankruptcy; prepared and evaluated client training materials related to consumer bankruptcy; conducted on-site reviews of third-party vendors providing bankruptcy services to clients; reviewed and revised customer-facing correspondence; assisted with compliance issues related to consent orders and the National Mortgage Settlement; and worked with clients through operational matters that arise daily in a client’s bankruptcy department.