Representative Experience
  • General Experience
    • Copyright Infringement Dispute regarding Photographs
      Copyright infringement dispute concerning the publication of a photographer's photographs beyond the scope of the license agreement between the parties.  Negotiated and achieved settlement on behalf of the client.

      Copyright Infringement Dispute on the Construction of Corporate Buildings
      Copyright infringement dispute concerning the construction of corporate buildings based on an architect's design initially drafted for another related building and client of the architect.

      Copyright Issues Regarding Book Based on the Civil War
      Advised author of book based on diaries written during the Civil War concerning copyright issues and attribution issues related both to the Civil War and the book based on those diaries.

      Confidentiality and Non-Competition Agreement
      Draft confidentiality and non-competition agreement for client's alternative energy small engine invention.

      Baron Services, Inc.
      Baron Services is a worldwide provider of real-time, site-specific weather information, Doppler weather radars, satellite radio weather information and geographic depiction. Our services to Baron Services include domestic and international patent prosecution and portfolio management. We also provide trademark prosecution and portfolio management, general intellectual property strategy, licensing, and technology transactions.

      Confidentiality Agreement for Computer Software Development
      Drafted employee confidentiality, non-disclosure and copyright assignment agreement for computer software development.

      Multi-Use Clothing Invention
      Prior art search and analysis for multi-use clothing invention.

      Non-Provisional Patent Application for Coating Invention
      Perform prior art search and analysis.  Draft and prosecute non-provisional patent application for client's electronics coating invention.

      Trademark and Trade Name for Sports/Energy Drink
      Assisted clients in dispute over rights to the trademark and trade name of a new sports and energy drink. 

      Trademark License Agreement for Leggings
      Drafted and negotiated trademark license agreement for socks/leggings and other related apparel.

      Trademark Registration Application with the USPTO
      Drafting and filing of a trademark registration application with the USPTO for the color blue as it is associated with the client's agricultural machinery.