Heather Cain Hutchings

      • Compliance and licensing guidance
        Provide regulatory compliance and licensing guidance to lenders specializing in refund anticipation loans, pawn broker business and unsecured lending, as well as entities engaged in retail installment.
      • Loan originator and broker compensation agreements and advice
        Review loan originator and broker compensation agreements and provide advice on permissible compensation strategies.
      • Marketing compliance
        Assist in development of compliant marketing materials for mortgage lenders, brokers and servicers.
      • Fair lending issues
        Advise mortgage lender clients on fair lending issues.
      • Consumer financial protection compliance
        Develop policies and procedures to enable compliance with federal and state consumer financial protection laws for mortgage lenders and servicers.
      • Mortgage lending compliance
        Regularly counsel clients on day-to-day compliance questions related to mortgage lending.
      • Compliance reviews
        Conduct due diligence compliance reviews in connection with investor acquisitions of mortgage companies.
      • Regulatory guidance
        Provide implementation guidance related to regulatory changes in the consumer credit industry.
      • Compliance strategy
        Develop strategy for ongoing compliance with applicable laws.