• Healthcare
    • Lead defense counsel for major hospital facing federal and state investigations related to alleged improper financial arrangements. 

      Defense counsel for telemedicine executive charged in parallel civil and criminal cases for his role in an alleged billion-dollar fraud scheme related to misuse of telemedicine protocols. 

      Defense counsel for large physician practice group facing False Claims Act investigation related to alleged misuse of urine drug toxicology screens. 

      Defense counsel for major life-sciences company facing lawsuits in jurisdictions across the country related to allegedly improper “white coat” marketing practices.

      Lead prosecutor of the first 20 compound pharmacy cases prosecuted in the United States, recovering more than $100 million in taxpayer money with the work being profiled on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

      Led the civil prosecution into various ambulance companies and nine Florida hospitals for their role in allegedly causing medically unnecessary ambulance transports, establishing the first-of-its-kind theory to hold hospitals civilly liable for unnecessary ambulance transports.

      Criminally prosecuted nearly a dozen various medical professionals for their role in unnecessary and inappropriate medical services, including psychiatric treatments, behavioral therapy, podiatry-related therapies, and provision of autism services.

      Civilly prosecuted a nationwide medical services company for experimental treatment modalities that were billed to the government even in situations where it was alleged that the technology did not properly function, resulting in a $30 million settlement. 

  • Government Contracts/Defense Procurement
    • Civilly prosecuted a Navy contractor who allegedly provided defective products to the government, causing significant shipbuilding expenses and delays.

      Lead investigator into allegations of bid-rigging and collusion involving a large Multi-Ship, Multi-Option (MSMO) Naval contract.

      Criminally prosecuted a joint-venture participant who purposefully lied about its eligibility for 8(a) set-aside small business contracts.

      Led nationwide investigation into alleged violations of Buy America Act (BAA) concerning importation of foreign goods.

  • Higher Education
    • Investigated national, large for-profit higher educational entity for alleged violations related to the Department of Education’s “incentive compensation” prohibition.

      Investigated national, multi-campus higher-learning institution for alleged violations related to Gainful Employment reporting requirements and potential misrepresentations related to accreditation requirements.

      Led investigation into private higher-education facility for alleged violations of Department of Education’s “90-10” revenue rule.

  • Financial Services
    • Responsible for $50 million False Claims Act settlement with large financial services company related to alleged deficiencies in underwriting loans secured by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

      Criminally prosecuted president, vice-president, and information technology director of a multi-state company for theft related to accounting misstatements and insider dealing.

      Civilly prosecuted accountant of investment trust for his role in allegedly causing material misrepresentations to the United States government and then subsequently withdrawing his assets from the trust subsequent to a government investigation.