Kyle W. Robisch

Legal Assistant
Samantha Yazbek
P: 813.559.5519
Representative Experience
  • Commercial, Business, and Complex Litigation
    • Defended a financial services company in civil litigation against a former client alleging fraud, conversion, breach of contract, Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA), and other claims. Successfully won dismissal of all claims.

      Represented telecommunications company against negligent hiring, negligent retention, and vicarious liability claims. Secured favorable low five-figure settlement well below the plaintiff’s initial six-figure demand.

      Represented one of the nation’s largest spirit brokers in breach of contract and breach of warranty claims against a bulk spirit distiller and distributer. Obtained favorable settlement in favor of plaintiff early in discovery.

      Defended a national healthcare provider in arbitration brought by a former owner-employee of a health practice acquired by the national provider, in which the plaintiff alleged a right to continued employment and seven figures in damages. Representation ended in a favorable settlement.

      Defended a property management group against unjust enrichment, breach of contract, tortious interference, and other claims brought by a competitor.

      Secured six-figure recovery of a commercial real estate company’s remediation costs incurred because of a neighbor’s petroleum leak.

  • Environmental Litigation and Permitting
    • Counsel to national agricultural trade associations challenging EPA regulation and registration of pesticides in federal district court and circuit court.

      Advised Fortune 200 healthcare company on removal, remediation, and risk issues related to above ground storage tanks (ASTs) and underground storage tanks (USTs) at facilities across Florida.

      Represented a group of energy extraction and export companies in novel federal constitutional and statutory litigation against nationally prominent state elected officials and political appointees. Defeated multiple motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment and obtained significant discovery against the defendants, including depositions of agency heads and gubernatorial advisors. Case is currently stayed pending resolution of related matters.

      Counseled a mining company during pre-project environmental review, negotiations with federal and state permitting authorities, and post-permitting litigation aimed at securing and defending a suite of mining permits. Representation resulted in client obtaining the state’s first-ever permits to open a mine of its kind. Litigation efforts included defending over a dozen state and federal cases – including a first-of-its-kind, two-week trial in state court over the state environmental agency’s collaboration with U.S. EPA – brought by over a half-dozen opposition groups.

      Advised and defended an energy company during negotiation, implementation, and litigation of a major land exchange with the U.S. Forest Service. Successfully moved for dismissal of a half-dozen federal lawsuits against the client and federal government seeking to undo the land exchange.

      Advised Class I railroad on redevelopment of historically and environmentally sensitive infrastructure.

      Represented a national trade association in an appeal of a major rule before the D.C. Circuit.

      Drafted multiple federal legislative proposals, including language passed by the U.S. House and Senate, with an eye toward agency implementation and judicial review.

      Counseled a railroad during a state environmental agency’s investigation of its rail tie disposal process.

  • Healthcare Litigation
    • Represented group of medical providers in False Claims Act litigation seeking seven figures in damages for alleged wrongful termination and fraudulent Medicare Advantage submissions. Successfully obtained dismissal of all claims before discovery.

      Represented a pharmacy against negligence claims relating to medication prescription and delivery. Obtained favorable, low-dollar figure settlement before discovery.

      Counsel to healthcare consulting company in dozens of suits across Florida alleging negligence, wrongful death, breach of fiduciary duty, and other claims related to long-term care facilities.

      Counsel to Fortune 500 medical manufacturer in Florida-based product liability litigation.