Steven T. Snyder

Senior Attorney
Legal Assistant
Reigan Yoder
P: 704.338.6055
Representative Experience
  • Cybersecurity and Intellectual Property
    • Developed and implemented novel cybersecurity program for private equity funds and their portfolio companies.

      Worked with client companies of various sizes across sectors to assess and improve cybersecurity profile.

      Advised clients on compliance involving various aspects of data storage, usage, and policies for data governance.

      Managed internal investigations and incident response relating to data breaches and theft of trade secrets, including interfacing with technical experts and law enforcement.

      Assessed and provided strategic advice on privacy and cybersecurity issues raised by new business endeavors involving confidential data for domestic and international companies.

      Advised on litigation matters involving data breaches and theft of trade secrets.

      Negotiated contracts involving complex data storage and transfer issues, including international matters.

      Negotiated wide range of contracts and provisions involving IT services, SAAS, and IP rights for clients in various industries, including healthcare, real estate, telecommunications, and software.

      Managed patent prosecution, drafted reexamination responses and authored opinions primarily in the software, hardware and telecommunications fields.

      Handled numerous patent litigations involving primarily mobile handsets, internet technologies, computer software and microprocessors. Lead associate for Google in Oracle v. Google, dubbed the “World Series of IP” in 2012. Represented client in many jurisdictions, including the Eastern District of Texas and Northern District of California.

      Seasoned patent licensing negotiator. Lead technical attorney in negotiations involving high-tech patent licensing assertions for clients both receiving and making assertions. Represented multiple clients in negotiations involving the multibillion-dollar Rockstar portfolio.

      Broad technical expertise, including LTE, Wi-Fi protocols, fiber optics, voice coding, networking equipment, cellular base stations, mobile handset hardware and software, encryption, internet protocols, and microprocessors.