In an era of heightened scrutiny and diversified government enforcement, financial institutions must deal not only with oversight by federal agencies but also with inquiries and actions by state attorneys general and state regulatory agencies nationwide.

Bradley’s State Attorneys General and Regulators Practice represents companies and individuals in the financial services industry in a range of investigations, regulatory inquiries, compliance issues, civil litigation, and administrative actions brought by state actors. From investigatory subpoena responses to enforcement actions to multi-state litigation or administrative actions, our lawyers develop innovative strategies carefully tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

Our team includes seasoned defense attorneys, former federal prosecutors, regulatory attorneys, and accomplished civil litigators, who combine forces to help our clients navigate and resolve state-level issues before they become national concerns. The team boasts broad experience with laws and regulations that affect the financial services industry, as well as extensive knowledge of the individual priorities and personalities of each regulator. This deeply informed background provides our attorneys the insights to craft effective responses to any given scenario.

Our lawyers apply their understanding of trends in the industry to anticipate potential pitfalls and areas of concern, and to prevent matters from escalating. In the event a matter does escalate, we craft creative solutions to facilitate amicable resolutions while aggressively defending against the underlying allegations.

The team leverages a deep understanding of our clients’ business practices to formulate legal strategies geared toward successfully accomplishing client goals, whether these require speedy resolution, lengthy litigation, or a combination of the two. Our attorneys integrate seamlessly with in-house legal counsel, compliance departments, and other business units to facilitate solutions based on the unique challenges of each matter and protect the client’s reputation, operations, and bottom line.