Bradley's Class Actions team aggressively and efficiently deals with the unique threats faced by clients in class actions and mass actions. Bradley attorneys serve as national and regional counsel to multinational and regional companies in numerous federal and state class actions, mass actions, and MDLs, cost-effectively scaling and strategically deploying resources and personnel to ensure an outcome that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. Our lawyers have successfully obtained early dismissals, summary judgments, favorable individual settlements, and denials of class certification for hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, including mortgage servicing, financial services, pharmaceuticals, retailing, manufacturing, and more.

Backed by a long history of taking decisive and early control of class and mass claims, Bradley’s class action lawyers forge valued client relationships through shared priorities – avoiding, where possible, the burden of protracted, class-wide discovery and certification battles while minimizing risks to clients’ businesses, industry positions, and reputations. Where early dismissals or individual settlements have not been available, we have successfully brought our vast courtroom experience to bear on behalf of clients, as well as creativity in crafting and obtaining judicial approval of reasonable class action settlements.

Our Class Actions team has defended class actions in Alabama, Mississippi, California, New York, Florida, and most other jurisdictions in the U.S. We have handled the full range of claims commonly asserted on a class basis in notorious class action venues and in courts in more than 30 other states around the country, including cases involving:

  • Financial services and lender liability
  • Mortgage servicing
  • Privacy, information security, and data breach
  • Product liability and manufacturing defect claims
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices
  • Labor and employment, including wage-and-hour disputes
  • Civil rights
  • Environmental liability
  • Insurance and annuity sales practices
  • False advertising
  • Statutory damages
  • Securities offerings and shareholder rights
  • Antitrust
  • Real estate
  • Tax
  • Federal statutes, such as the ADA, TCPA, FACTA, FCRA, ECOA, RESPA, TILA, and FDCPA
  • Intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy

Our experience in defending consumer class actions was forged in the “tort hell” days of the 1990s and honed in venues around the country. That experience ranges from eliminating and mitigating damage claims made against the most widely used products in the world to upholding the lawful practices of numerous mortgage servicers, lenders, and insurance companies. In response to changing regulations from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Bradley attorneys are adept at helping position and defend auto lenders, banks, and credit companies favorably.

In addition to spawning additional litigation, high-stakes class and mass actions can trigger concurrent or follow-on enforcement activity by federal and state regulators – and even criminal investigations. Whether matters emanate from claims from shareholders and creditors, employee whistleblowers, vendors, distributors, customers, or elsewhere, Bradley’s deep bench of class action attorneys can coordinate a complete defense that draws upon the firm’s vast resources in litigation, internal investigations, corporate compliance, governmental affairs, and government enforcement.

We also take the long view for clients to go beyond merely shutting down a singular threat posed by a particular type of case. We have become leading advocates in the defense bar’s efforts to change the laws governing class certification and no-injury class actions. Our lawyers have also presented their clients’ interests to the U.S. Supreme Court, both directly and in numerous amicus briefs on issues important to class action defendants.

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