Bradley’s Class Action and Complex Litigation team aggressively and efficiently deals with the unique threats faced by clients in class actions, mass actions, and other complex litigation. Our goal is to find and exploit every opportunity to win a case early, because we know that the costs of winning it late are far greater, both in terms of dollars and in terms of invasive and disruptive discovery.

Bradley attorneys serve as national and regional counsel to multinational and regional companies in numerous federal and state class actions, mass actions, and MDLs, cost-effectively scaling and strategically deploying resources and personnel to ensure an outcome that meets or exceeds the client’s expectations. Our lawyers have successfully obtained early dismissals, summary judgments, and denials of class certification for hundreds of clients in a variety of industries, including travel services, mortgage servicers, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, retailing, manufacturing, and more.  We are also nationally known for finding creative ways to utilize class action settlements to efficiently solve the underlying problems that gave rise to the litigation in the first place, problems that the client needs to solve in “one fell swoop.”

There is no aspect of class and complex litigation that we cannot handle on our own.  But we also know that some clients prefer a “virtual law firm” approach that allows them to bring to bear diverse talents from different law firms in tackling a multiplicity of litigation around the country. In those situations, we have also partnered with other law firms to create an effective ad hoc team to handle large groups of cases filed in multiple states. Such clients find that we can save them money by efficiently centralizing common components of the litigation, providing consistency in discovery across multiple cases, and performing other work behind the scenes at much less cost than many other national firms, and much less cost than repetitive efforts by numerous local firms, all without any sacrifice in quality compared to even the largest national firms.

Our office footprint is designed to maintain a much lower overhead than other national defense firms. But our reach is hardly limited to our footprint. Our Class Action and Complex Litigation team has defended class actions, mass actions, and multijurisdictional litigation from California to New York to Florida, and most everywhere in between. We do so not just occasionally, but constantly. We have handled the full range of claims commonly asserted on a class basis in the most notorious class action venues, including:

  • Mortgage and lending class actions
  • Privacy, information security, and data breach class actions
  • Multijurisdictional state and local tax and regulatory litigation
  • Product liability and manufacturing defect class and mass actions
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device litigation of all types
  • Consumer fraud and deceptive trade practices class actions
  • Labor and employment collective actions, including wage-and-hour disputes
  • Civil rights and discrimination class actions
  • Environmental class actions and regulator litigation
  • Insurance and annuity sales practices class actions, mass actions and MDLs
  • TCPA class actions
  • Statutory damages class actions
  • Securities offerings and shareholder rights class and derivative actions
  • Antitrust class actions and other antitrust litigation
  • ERISA class actions
  • Intellectual property class and complex litigation
  • Class actions in Bankruptcy Court

High-stakes, high-profile class and mass actions and other complex lawsuits can also trigger concurrent or follow-on lawsuits, second-tier private litigation, and even enforcement activity by federal and state regulators. We know how to minimize those risks. But if risks do materialize, Bradley’s deep bench of Class Action and Complex Litigation attorneys can coordinate a complete defense that draws upon the firm’s vast resources in litigation, internal investigations, corporate compliance, governmental affairs, and government enforcement.

We also take the long view for clients and go beyond merely shutting down a singular threat posed by a particular type of case. We have become leading advocates in the defense bar’s efforts to change the laws governing class certification and no-injury class actions. Our lawyers have presented their clients’ interests to the U.S. Supreme Court, both directly and in numerous amicus briefs on issues important to class action defendants; have testified before Congress on class action reform; and have testified before Advisory Committees to urge much-needed changes to Federal Rule 23, such as an appeal as of right from class certification. Our attorneys are active in the class action reform efforts of DRI, The Voice of the Defense BarTM, and in the ABA, IADC, and numerous other leading education and advocacy groups important to the defense bar.

We hope you never face another class action, another MDL, or another mass of multijurisdictional litigation. But if you do, we hope you will give Bradley’s Class Action and Complex Litigation team an opportunity to earn your business.

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