International Data Security Laws and Strategies

DRI’s Data Breach and Privacy Seminar

Thursday, September 11-Friday, September 12, 2014

Chicago, IL
Bradley's Cybersecurity and Privacy Team Leader, Paige Boshell, will be a featured speaker this week at DRI’s inaugural Data Breach and Privacy Seminar in Chicago, Illinois. She will deliver a presentation entitled “International Data Security Laws and Strategies,” exploring the complexities of international data security laws in the context of a cyber attack. The discussion will examine how a data breach in today’s global online economy can have worldwide ramifications.

In the financial fallout of the Target data breach, many companies face the challenging task of managing ever-changing regulations, laws, data security and privacy standards, new theories of liability related to data breach, and a wide array of insurance offerings designed to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches. At the seminar, data security and privacy professionals and industry leaders will provide valuable insights into high-stakes data security and privacy issues. 

To learn more about this seminar, visit the DRI website.