Bradley is committed to promoting leadership among our female lawyers, from associates up to partners. This commitment is deeply rooted in the firm’s history and culture and is confirmed by the local, regional and national recognitions we have received. For example, we have been one of Working Mother and Flex-Time Lawyers “50 Best Law Firms for Women” multiple times and have won the Nashville Bar Association’s Diversity Committee Leadership Award for 11 consecutive years.

Our Winn Initiative is a program that exemplifies our commitment to supporting female leadership. Bradley created this firm-wide program more than a decade ago to serve as an internal women’s career development group that fosters and encourages a supportive environment within the firm. Every Bradley office has a Winn liaison and hosts programs that focus on boosting professional skills, leadership, mentoring and business development.

Ellene WinnThe Winn Initiative is named in honor of Ellene Winn, who in 1957 became the first female partner in a law firm of any size in the Southeast, as well as one of the first few in the nation. Winn graduated from the Birmingham School of Law after the Great Depression derailed her plans to pursue a Ph.D. in English literature. She joined the firm in 1944, a time when most men were fighting in World War II and many women were taking positions in previously male-dominated professions.

Winn quickly became known as one of the most intelligent lawyers in the firm, developing a mastery of public finance. She was named partner in 1957. Her trailblazing achievements helped open doors for other women in the legal field, both within our firm and elsewhere.

Bradley also offers programs to ensure we support all our attorneys both at home and in the office. These programs emphasize flexibility to help ensure positive work-life management for our attorneys as they advance their careers and provide the excellent service to which our clients are accustomed.

Today, Bradley has more than 160 female partners, associates, counsel and senior attorneys. The numerous women in key leadership positions – including executive board members, office managing partners, practice group heads, and chairs of key committees – reflect Bradley’s commitment to strong gender diversity in our management as well as in our associate classes and partner promotions.

Women at Bradley consistently display strong leadership both in the legal field and in their communities. Their reputation is demonstrated through quotes in news stories, published articles in leading business and trade publications, and key speaking positions at conferences and seminars.

At Bradley, we are proud of the role our firm played in blazing a trail for female lawyers in this country. We’re equally proud to continue supporting strong female leadership within the firm, the legal industry and our communities.

For more information, contact Bradley partner Tiffany deGruy, head of Bradley's Winn Initiative.