Government Contracts
Bradley Represents General Contractor in High-Profile VA Medical Center Case in Orlando
During the building of a new VA medical center, the government issued defective drawings and specifications and failed to coordinate its purchases of government-furnished equipment. It then tried to shift the blame for delays and cost overruns to the general contractor. The government refused to pay change orders and grant time extensions, it threatened termination for default, and it took other punitive actions.
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Bradley Gets Significant Win in Immigration Pro Bono Case
After a Honduras woman’s husband douses her in gasoline and attempts to light her on fire, she flees to the U.S. seeking asylum. The pro bono work of Bradley attorneys Erika Sonstroem and Kristen Brenchley helps her escape a lifetime of violence.
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Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser
Bradley Obtains Victory in Delaware Chancery Court in Case Against Investment Manager
The main party of interest in a living trust had invested more than $2 million in three limited liability companies that operate as private investment funds. Several of the funds’ operating agreements said that they would dissolve and wind up affairs after 10 years.
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