Victory Shines on Bradley Clients in $33 Million Lawsuit
Bradley litigation attorneys from our Houston and Birmingham offices team up to win a high-exposure case for clients Cutten Development L.P. and Davis Development Inc. in Houston.
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Amicus Brief: Low-Income Parties Shouldn’t Pay a “Pauper’s Price” for Access to Federal Courts
Does the historic presumption that court records should be open to the public mean that indigent and low-income litigants can’t make historically private financial information sealable from public disclosure or reviewable ex parte? This is the question raised in the U.S. Supreme Court case Sai v. United States Postal Service No. 14-646.
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Broker-Dealer and Investment Adviser
Bradley Obtains Victory in Delaware Chancery Court in Case Against Investment Manager
The main party of interest in a living trust had invested more than $2 million in three limited liability companies that operate as private investment funds. Several of the funds’ operating agreements said that they would dissolve and wind up affairs after 10 years.
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