Homeowners Not Entitled to a "Windfall" From Surplus in Community Development Fund
In 1997, League City, Texas, created the League City Public Improvement District to fund improvements for the proposed master planned community of Magnolia Creek. Planned improvements included street lights, drainage facilities and sidewalks.
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Life Sciences
Bradley Provides Counsel for Management-led Buyout of Leading Life Sciences Business
Bradley attorneys represented the management group in a management-led buyout of a life sciences business in a transaction worth tens of millions of dollars.
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Amicus Brief: Low-Income Parties Shouldn’t Pay a “Pauper’s Price” for Access to Federal Courts

Does the historic presumption that court records should be open to the public mean that indigent and low-income litigants can’t make historically private financial information sealable from public disclosure or reviewable ex parte? This is the question raised in the U.S. Supreme Court case Sai v. United States Postal Service No. 14-646.

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