As a lateral hire, I’ve been very impressed by the way Bradley values the individual and the unique legal knowledge, talent, and perspective that each attorney has to contribute. My colleagues at Bradley are highly skilled in their areas of practice, and I enjoy collaborating with them on a daily basis. I feel supported in pursuing excellence in my practice and enrichment from activities outside the office.
Megan R. Wilson

Lateral Opportunities

The success of our law firm is built on the exceptional talents of its people. Bradley seeks out qualified attorneys with the experience, character, and judgment to provide the best service to our clients.

Bradley’s reputation as one of the best law firms in the United States stems from the experience, knowledge, and dedication of our lawyers and staff. We look for lawyers who combine intelligence and work ethic while placing a high value on personal integrity, relationships, camaraderie, diversity, mutual respect, community and professionalism.

At Bradley, we recognize that a commitment to diversity is not just a passive ideal, but an active goal. We are committed to building a workforce that incorporates of a variety of backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and perspectives, and that reflects the clients we serve. We are committed to providing a workplace that is open and respectful, and values the different talents, ideas, knowledge, and contributions that each individual brings to the table.

We encourage qualified candidates to send us résumés and transcripts through our online application system.

We seek the best and brightest. Although we expect academic excellence, that is not our sole criterion. We seek lawyers who are well-rounded, energetic, creative, and dedicated to providing the best possible legal service to the firm’s clients. We put a premium on good judgment, character, and professionalism.

All lateral applicants must apply through our electronic application process. If you have any recruiting questions about Bradley, please contact our Recruiting Manager, Liza Lee Tweedy at 205.521.8000 or

Hiring Committee: 

Jason Bushby, Chair
Lindsey Boney
Emily Bowman
Mike Brown
Troy Carnrite
Michael Crum
Alé Dalton
Lauren Jacques
Andy Johnson
Mike Koplan
Chris Lam
Jennifer McGahey
Hal Mooty
Junaid Odubeku
Dottie Pak
Bobby Poundstone
Ellen Presley Proctor
Dawn Sharff
Brooks Smith
David Stempel
Bryan Thomas
Brooke Bates Vinson
Tom Warburton
Clarence Webster