“Bradley knows that people are our most valuable asset – and it shows. The firm doesn’t just expect you to show up and be another cog in the machine. The firm pushes you to think and act like a partner from day one. I truly believe Bradley wants to see me succeed.”
Ricky A. Hernandez

Law Students

We hire most of our associates through our summer program, which is designed to give first- and second-year law students the opportunity to work with us so they can gain first-hand experience and immerse themselves in our philosophy, values, and culture.

For our summer associates, we seek the best and brightest. Although we expect academic excellence, that is not our sole criterion. We look for students who are well-rounded and display the intelligence and creativity to find the best practical and legal solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We recruit associates with a focus on diversity to broaden the perspective of our team to the benefit of both the firm and our clients. Bradley places a high value on personal integrity, relationships, camaraderie, mutual respect, community, and professionalism.

We primarily hire law students through the on-campus interview (OCI) process and also accept write-in résumés from candidates across the country. All applicants, other than those who participate in the law school OCI process, must apply through our electronic application process. If you have any recruiting questions about Bradley, please contact our Hiring Committee Chair, Jason Bushby at 205.521.8000 or jbushby@bradley.com.