The Stakes are Rising in Independent Contractor vs. Employee Disputes

ASCPA Webinar


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Friday, December 03, 2021
8:30 AM-10:15 PM CST

As federal and state agencies are charged with investigating work relationships and as plaintiff lawyers have identified a new source of revenue (i.e., class action lawsuits), challenges to defining employment status are on the rise. The issue of independent contractors vs. employees can surface in a variety of ways, including a U.S. Department of Labor or Alabama Department of Labor inquiry resulting from a whistleblower complaint, the filing of a claim for unemployment benefits, or an on-the job injury or other type of private lawsuit. On the tax side, an IRS or state department of revenue (or even a municipal DOR) inquiry may result from a typical payroll tax audit, a whistleblower complaint, or a disgruntled worker’s filing of a Form SS-8 that seeks a ruling as to his or her employment status. Unfortunately, the criteria for making this determination vary from agency to agency and depend on which federal labor laws are involved.

The speakers have handled each of these scenarios (and more) and will discuss how to minimize the risk, how to respond to inquiries, and survey a helpful new Alabama law that unifies the tests between the Alabama DOL, the Alabama DOR, and the IRS. Our panel also will advise practicing CPAs on what role they should play in these matters both before the issue arises and after it becomes problematic.

You do not have to be a member of the ASCPA to register. The cost of attendance is $59. This webinar will provide 2 hours of CPE Credit. 

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