Ethical Issues in Internal Investigation: Privileges, Representation, and Confidentiality

CLE Presentation



Thursday, October 13, 2022
5:00 PM-6:00 PM EST

Legions Brewing
South Park, NC
So, you just received a government subpoena.  Or maybe an internal whistleblower has raised compliance concerns.  Issues requiring internal investigations arise unexpectedly.  Invariable timely investigation and resolution is essential.  When planning an internal investigation, corporate counsel must keep in mind the significant ethical issue that can arise in the course of such investigations.  Stumbling over issues without advance planning can not only result in legal risk to your client, but in a personal professional risk to you.  This CLE will explore major ethical issues in the Model Rule of Professional Conduct that emerge in the course of internal investigations.  The presenter, Jon Ferry, is a former federal prosecutor and government ethics officer.  He is now a partner in Bradley’s Government Enforcement and Investigations practice group and routinely conducts internal investigations for clients.  He will use case examples to highlight ethical issues in internal investigations and provide practice pointers on how to avoid violation of such rules.