Rescheduling Marijuana: What It Means, What It Doesn't, and What We Don't Know Yet

Cannabis Industry Webinar


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Wednesday, June 05, 2024
11:30 AM-12:30 PM CST


The DEA’s proposed rulemaking process to reschedule marijuana to Schedule III is now officially underway, and public comments can be submitted until July 22, 2024. As we have said before, this is a major development in the cannabis industry, and some impacts could drastically alter the current landscape. Join us for an informative, 1-hour webinar where we cover what rescheduling means for the cannabis industry. A sneak peek of the discussion:

  • The current state of the proposed rule, the timeline that we expect, and what happens next.
  • The potential impact to current medical and recreational state cannabis programs.
  • The auxiliary industries impacted by federal rescheduling, including banking, distribution/supply chain, insurance, and more.
  • And an open forum for businesses to submit questions to our speakers.

For more information, view the agenda.